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A saas starter kit that let's you skip weeks of boring setup and get straight to building the core of your product.

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Why Supersaas?

The usual way is to spend weeks or months building the same things over and over again. With Supersaas, you can skip all that and get straight to building your next big thing.

🐌 The usual way*

(If you know how this stuff works)

  • Project setup

    ~ 1-2 days

    Scaffold, setup and configure your project, with the right libraries, dependencies & folder structure

  • Database setup

    ~ 2 days

    Setup and configure your database with migrations and get the right schema for your app

  • Authentication

    ~ 2 - 3 days

    The horrors of user authentication and authorization and setting up protected/public routes

  • Payments

    ~ 2 day

    Stripe integration with checkout, subscriptions, webhooks, invoices, plan management and more

  • Emails

    ~ 1 day

    Transactional and marketing emails, with templates, tracking, and analytics

The Supersaas way 🚀

Just build your app already

Everything you see on the top is already created for you.

Start building today - $99

Early bird offer 60% off with code - EARLYBIRD


What's included

Carefully crafted features in a very modular way, so you can easily pick and choose what you need for your next project.

Nuxt 3

Built with Nuxt 3, for the client, server and apis, utilising the latest features

Tailwind CSS

Nuxt UI + Radix UI + Tailwind CSS for a beautiful and performant UI

Subscription billing

Monetise your app with Stripe billing & checkout system. Webhooks, invoices & plans.

Users & Authentication

User registration, login, forgot password, email confimation ready to go

Social Login

Social login built with Nuxt Auth Utils module with Google & Github ready to go


Send emails with Sendgrid, Mailgun, Resend, AWS SES with VueEmail


SQLite, Drizzle ORM, Cloudflare D1 -> the perfect combo for a fast app

File storage

File & blob storage with Cloudflare R2, with upload/list/delete apis


Superfast caching with Cloudflar KV store, with APIs included

Super admin module

Manage users, settings, billing, subscriptions, invoices from the admin page

Event tracking

Track events directly from the client with and view them in Super admin view

Beautiful landing page

Beautiful landing page templates with Contact form & SEO ready


A complete blog module with Nuxt content & Nuxt Studio for easy editing


A vitepress documentation module, with search, tags, categories, comments

Start building today - $99

Early bird offer 60% off with code - EARLYBIRD


Use cases to get you started (coming soon)

Supersaas will help you to get started with the best practices and examples to build your next big thing.

  • Websockets

    Learn how to use websockets in your app, using Nitro Websockets

  • Background tasks

    Learn how to offload tasks to background workers, using Nitro Tasks

  • User onboarding

    Create a user onboarding flow, collect user data after signup

  • Realtime notifications using SSE (Server Sent Events)

    Send realtime one way messages from the server to the client, using SSE/EventSource

  • File uploading and processing

    Upload files to the server and process them in the api, using a clean drag & drop interface with image previews

  • API rate limiting

    Limit the number of requests to your api, using KV and server middleware

  • Dynamic OG image generation

    Learn how to use Nuxt OG image module to generate dynamic OG images

Who am I?

From 3-person startups to 1000+ engineer teams, Large corporates to YC. I've coded, built, and led across the tech landscape - WordPress, apps, real-time SaaS, you name it.

Full-Stack Expertise

Led frontend projects, built complex inventory management apps, & scaled them thousands of users.

Product Vision

Built, scaled and sold successful projects, including #1 and #3 spots on Product Hunt.

Open Source

Contributed to open-source codebases and write technical articles on (also a moderator)

Landing Page Mastery

Crafted over 300 landing pages (and counting!). I like to think I'm pretty good at it.

"This SaaS starter kit is the product of everything I've learned in over 8 years. Ready to build something awesome?"

After years in development, I've seen teams waste time and resources reinventing the wheel with standard features like auth, forms, and emails.

I created this kit because I want to use it myself. I have a whole roadmap of projects ready to build with Supersaas – that's how confident I am in its value.

As I grow my own businesses, I'll constantly improve Supersaas, adding the features and tools I need myself.

Start building today - $99

Early bird offer 60% off with code - EARLYBIRD

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A simple no nonsense pricing. No hidden fees. No surprises. Get what you pay for.

Essentials kit

Most popular

Host on cloudflare using NuxtHub or directly Cloudflare account

  • Pay once, use forever
  • Nuxt boilerplate code
  • Website landing page
  • Blog with Nuxt Studio setup
  • Stripe payments
  • Cloudflare D1 Database
  • Cloudflare R2 Storage
  • Cloudflare KV
  • Unlimited updates for lifetime
  • Discord support
  • Private Github repository
  • Serverless functions using Cloudflare Workers




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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me. I'm happy to help!

The entire project code, instructions on how to host and use it, making changes to the project
You get invited to the private Github repository, where you get to raise issues/feature requests and also getsupport.
Nuxt 3, TailwindCSS, Stripe, Drizzle ORM, NuxtHub, Cloudflare D1, Cloudflare R2 and KV
You get access to all the updates and releases that I push to the project. You can also raise issues and feature requests.
Supersaas is written in Javascript but you can convert it to TypeScript easily.
Yes, as long as it's related to the boilerplate & the kit. I cannot help with your business logic or customizations.
No refunds as you get access to the entire project code and the private repository and it's yours forever.
You can use the project for personal and commercial use. You cannot resell or repack the project as your own.


Drop me an email

I will get back to you within 24 hours

[email protected] (click to copy)

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@fayazara (Open on Telegram)